It's the Most Busy-ful Time...of the Year

Yes, I know busy-ful isn't a word. But really, it's wonderful and busy. So...busy-ful.

Today was the kiddo's 3-year portrait session. Note self: daddy must come along on these things! Tim is much more able to get him to smile than I (or the picture lady) am able to do. Still, we got a few cute photos and I'm working on being ok with the fact that these are his 3 year photos even though he's not 3 yet.

Friday we're having our Sunday school class over for a Christmas party, complete with White Elephant exchange. I got two truly perfect gifts for said exchange at Five Below this past week, and I'm very excited to see the reactions.

I also signed myself up to make goody boxes for Tim's minions at work and the folks in our Sunday school class, so there has been a bunch of candy making going on around here. Which is really not what my diet needed, but you have to taste things, right? So far I've made bourbon balls (a la Michelle Willingham), candied pecans, and one batch of pralines. I need to make several more batches of pralines and then some divinity is also on tap. At that point, I'll see how the boxes look and decide what, if anything, needs to go in them. Maybe some buckeyes? Dunno.

On Monday, our MOPS group is having a mommy and me Christmas party wherein we will paint ornaments. Tuesday, MOPS steering is having a cookie exchange (more baking of the awesomest cookies in the world for that on tap - can't find the recipe online for that, so I can't help you there - it's from a Diane Mott Davidson mystery though so I probably ought not to publish it myself anyway.)

Then next Saturday, the good Santa will be at Party City down here, so that's definitely on tap (even though we don't really do Santa.)

And appropos of nothing else at all...TravelZoo has just GOT to stop sending me ads for cheap airfare to Ireland. It's simply not fair.


michellewillingham said...

You could make some fudge with sweetened condensed milk. It's so easy, quick, and it tastes good, too. :)

I'm having to freeze the bourbon balls before dipping--otherwise they seem to melt all over. Hope yours turned out well!

beth said...

They turned out great - I did freeze them though (I used the recipe link you posted that was on your friend's website and she had mentioned freezing them, so I went with that). The child ate half of one before I could stop him - he, of course, loved it. :) Fudge is a good idea - I'll do that.

michellewillingham said...

I figure, there's not enough bourbon to really hurt them--mostly sugar, so I let my kids have them.

Yum for fudge!