A Little Random

I feel like there's stuff to say, but every time I start, I end up just deciding that really, who actually wants to hear about that? And so that leaves you with the bulleted list.

  • The deadline for responses on my study was extended til this coming Saturday. It still holds steady at 2 whopping responses. We'll see what happens, but I'm telling myself that I'm not worrying about it until Sunday.
  • Which is, of course, crap. It's gonna be a long week of sleepless nights if last night was any indication.
  • I went to see The King's Speech last night and loved it. It made me want to read a biography of George VI - so I have one on hold at the library. Apparently it made several other people want the same thing.
  • The above is notable really only because most of the time? I despise biography. If biographers could write like novelists then I might love it. But usually they just write like history book authors and I think the Sahara has more moisture than most history books.
  • Right now, as I type, I should be writing a program for one of my classes. The one I've never taught before that I'm feeling woefully inept in. Not that I don't know the stuff, but it's been awhile since I used it and I am rustier than I imagined. Also? I remembered after doing the first program that I actually really hate this kind of programming. 
  • And so I find myself eying my Kindle. Though really what I want to do is go upstairs to the library and find something homey to re-read. 
And really, that's about it - because as much as I would like to put off writing this program, I really need to get started on it, because it's likely to take me considerably longer than I think it will. 

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