Now In 3D!

As has been the trend of late, I find myself with no plans for a Friday night. [Tim and I become football widows every year as the folks we tend to do stuff with are really into football and, well, I suspect there are things we care less about, but nothing is leaping to mind just now. (As a slightly related aside - I'm enjoying the respite from pages and pages of status updates as football season ends. I often remark to myself that if I cared about what was going on in a particular game, I would watch said game. Happily for me (ha!) the majority of my FB friends keep me apprised of every yard gained and lost as the game progresses. I've nearly hidden half my list for just this reason.)] So, since Tim has made plans to play XBox online with a friend after dinner, I found myself thinking that perhaps I would find (or hey, hire) a friend and go see a movie.

And then I looked at the movie listings.

Who is actually going to see this crap? And the few things that I'm actually slightly interested in seeing aren't just offered as a movie. They're 3D. Or IMAX 3D. And really, I just want to go to a movie. I don't want to pay a zillion dollars (because those cost more) for the benefit of getting incredibly motion sick. Have I mentioned that 3D stuff nauseates me? I can, mostly, do magic motion rides. But the 3D movie type rides? Not a chance. I suspect it's the same reason I can't read in the car with my glasses on. My peripheral vision just goes haywire.

Now, it's possible the the 3D glasses technology has improved since the last time I tried it. But I'm not willing to risk the physical side effects to find out.

So while I try to figure out what to do with my evening (most likely? I'll be reading) you can simply rest assured that this blog will never go 3D...even if I already have a perfect tagline:

And Then I Woke Up - Now in 3D! Where the boredom just reaches out and grabs you!

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