Today is Wednesday. I know this because I looked at a calendar. And also because we went to MOPS yesterday and that happens only on Tuesdays, which makes the next day Wednesday. At least the last time I checked. Anyway. Wednesday happens to be the middle of the week, for those of you not in that particular loop (and really, if you've somehow managed to escape that loop, can you tell me how?) The Germans, being all smart and creative, have even gone so far as to name their Wednesday Mittwoch, literally translated "mid week", rather than our rather unhelpful "Wednesday" (which is named after Woden, the English God of the hunt, pre-Christianity, obviously, who later became associated with Father Christmas. So really, Christmas happens every Wednesday. Interestingly, Woden is more closely associated with Mercury in the Roman hierarchy of things -- so is it the hunt or commerce? Or is it just finally proof that shopping is akin to hunting so men need to just hush up already. Except that I really hate shopping, myself, so it's kind of neither here nor there.)

Sorry. My Word Nerd hat hopped on my head there for a minute.

As I was saying, today is Wednesday. I started collecting data for my doctoral study on Monday. (I'll skip the etymology of Monday. You're welcome.) Which was, for all those keeping score, three days ago. (Essentially. If we want to be precise, we can go with 2.5.) My study is being promoted to roughly 120 students. Anyone want to guess how many pre-study surveys I've had taken?

Anyone? Bueller? (Speaking of Bueller - anyone have a spare $1.65M they want to loan me so I can buy this?)

Two. That's 2. Or deux. Or zwei. Or dos. And both appear to be from the control classes.

I was planning on closing the first survey on Saturday. Because it really needs to be done BEFORE they start learning how to program (thus calling it the "pre-study survey" - I know it's a bit technical and all, but well, it seemed apt.)

Anyone want to lay odds on me actually getting enough participation in this study to make it fly? Yeah. I'm kind of thinking it's more likely to have $1.65M drop in my lap too.



michellewillingham said...

Good luck, Beth! I vote for bribery in some form (candy, etc.)....

beth said...

I wish I could...sadly, that's coercion (duh!) - and in research circles (at least my IRB) that's a big ol no no. Unless, of course, the people who don't participate also have a way to get the candy/whatever with the same or less effort. And, well, then really what's the likihood they'll do my study? I'm basically resigned, at this point, to this not ending well.

Lynellen said...

Oh beth. hugs.