Back In My Day...

I was perusing the Michael's circular yesterday afternoon (as I am wont to do for any number of reasons, but I'm trying to think of something cute that the kiddo can do for Tim for Valentine's day) and I spotted with no small bit of amazement the foam pink mailbox - essentially full assembled and ready for taking to school (I assume).

I had to stop and wonder...are kids today too incapable of imagination to make something fun out of a shoebox? Or is it that parents won't take the time for the moderate help required to do this? Honestly, I remember one year we all decorated lunch sacks. Or is there something culturally insensitive about those crafts and now we're required to have foam mail boxes because we couldn't possibly stoop so low as to *gasp* recycle junk into a fun craft.

This is much the same reaction I have to the stupid pre-made stretchy book covers. Honestly. Get a paper bag and make one.

It was good enough for me, by golly...it ought to be good enough for kids today.

I guess I really am getting old.

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Gwynne said...

Sheesh, you know how kids' self esteem might be damaged if all of their mailboxes don't look exactly the same. And perfect. ;-) Actually, I thought they stopped allowing kids to celebrate Valentine's Day, for the same reason. And the fact that there's a Saint involved.