A Little Reorganization

I spent a little bit of time this afternoon tidying up the sidebar a tad. (Yes, I'm procrastinating, why do you ask?) I took off blogs that haven't posted in over a year from Blogs I Like widget - yes, I still like you. But it was getting really big and mostly stale. So, it got pared down a tad. I changed up the labels widget to a cloud (I know, whoopee!)

Most of all though, I put a "Books I've Read This Year" widget over there. I don't necessarily review everything I read, because honestly, some of them are just a delightful afternoon's reading that then passes into the mists of my memory and I'd be hard pressed to actually craft a review beyond "Read this. Didn't stink." or in some cases, "Read this. Please don't waste your time. I'd like to get mine back."  (This is part of my love/hate relationship with the Kindle. On the one hand, FREE BOOKS! On the other hand...sometimes it's clear why they're free. On the other other hand, sometimes it's a great introduction to an author I would never have found otherwise. On the other other other hand...I now read way too much. And it's not like I was slacking before.)

Also, not included in the widget are books I read to/with the kiddo. If I included them, well, there's be like 20 entries a day. Yes, I could not post the re-reads, but most of my days include a bunch of reading on the couch with the kiddo. And I love this - but it's not really what I want to keep track of.

And I'm not including the books I read for school (either teaching or otherwise) - because honestly, none of you care that I read/worked through ASP.NET 3.5 web programming with VB2008. I promise.


Eric Siegmund said...

The "Blogs I Like" widget obviously can't read the Gazette's RSS feed (or whatever it uses to determine date of last post). It makes it look like I have posted anything in a year.

Or do you have the "Quality" filter turned on, and that really means it's been a year since I wrote anything worth reading? ;-)

beth said...

No, it's got your RSS messed up -- I need to try and fix it but keep forgetting. I'll go play with it now :)

Eric Siegmund said...

Well, whatever you did, worked...good job!

beth said...

When you changed format I think I goofed something up, so I just deleted the old and readded you. Nothing fancy...made me feel silly for taking so long to fix :)