Do They Still Make Calgon?

Cause it's been that kind of day.

The Marine Corps base nearby has been practicing their artillery since mid-afternoon yesterday...basically non-stop. And while I get that they need to practice...oh, my head. And also? It's challenging for a child who's afraid of thunder to sleep through shelling. Go figure.

Which, of course, makes said child C-R-A-N-K-Y. Add in a bit of apparent tummy upset (I really think it's his molar that's coming in) and Oh. My. Goodness. My head.

On the positive side, I finished The Forgotten Garden and really, it's just fantastic. Especially if you like The Secret Garden as they are semi-related (or the latter was an inspiration for the former is perhaps a better way to look at it.)

And also? Tim's every-other Friday off is tomorrow. Woo!

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