The Zoo was a Zoo

This morning, we got up and trekked downtown to hit the zoo. It was to be in the mid 70s and Tim was off and the kiddo had been begging to see serpents at the pet store lately, so really, a whole exhibit of serpents that daddy could take him to would surely be better, right?

Apparently everyone else and their cousin had the same thought. They were still letting people into the parking lots when we got there, but there were no spaces to be had.

Having fought our way into DC, we weren't going home without seeing something, so we hit the Native American Indian Museum and the Air & Space Museum instead. While driving back down toward the mall from the zoo, Tim said, "I always have little conversations with myself where I am irritated that we don't take advantage of all the stuff in DC more often. And then we go and try to do something and I remember why. I'm making a note: I hate DC."

Yep, pretty much.

Worth doing, but such a colossal pain.

We are neither of us city people.

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  1. yeah, and you want me to have a job where i need to go there at least one day a week. thanks.