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I was all set to talk about how excited I was to participate in the blog tour for Liz Johnson's newest release, Code of Justice, and then I linked my previous reviews (in the next sentence) and noticed that I had started both of them with a statement about how excited I was to be invited to review them. (Her previous books are reviewed here and here).  That said...I was still excited. See, the thing is? Her books are delightful. Every story so far has had great elements of suspense, romance, and Christianity woven thoughtfully through them - and I love the fact that since she's writing for the Love Inspired imprint, I don't have to skip any pages.

In this installment, we get to know FBI agent Heather Sloan, who we've met briefly in each of Ms. Johnson's previous novels (though not in such a way that she's overly familiar or you would *need* to have read them in order to know/care about Heather), as she recovers from a helicopter crash that takes her sister's life, leaves Heather seriously injured, and pushes over the first domino in a cascade of events that makes the pages turn quickly. (Clear your calendar for a few hours before you start this one - you won't want to set it down.) In addition to the new cast members, we get to see other familiar faces from the FBI office briefly here and there, which make for fun little interludes if you've read the previous novels (though it wouldn't detract if you hadn't.)

I will admit to having figured out the main culprit fairly easily - but even still that doesn't spoil the delightful story, since burgeoning relationship between Heather and Jeremy (the deputy investigating the crash) is really well written.

This book was provided for review by the author...but if I hadn't liked it, I would have said so.

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Liz Ann said...

Beth, I'm so glad that you enjoyed the book! Thanks for taking the time to review it.
Liz Johnson