So, after a lot of praying and a lot of talking with people whose opinions I value, I decided that I was supposed to go ahead and stick with doing the MOPS crafts this next year.

With a renewed sense of purpose, I planned out our craft for today and was really thinking it would be cool and well received. The craft itself was an introduction to paper cutting (scherenschnitte if you want the "technical" German word for it) and something that I've found to be a fun thing since grade school. The pattern was an easy one - two bunnies under a tree with flowers. It's done on a fold, so you have a mirror image when you're finished with the project. Then I also printed patterns for some filigree type Easter eggs for them to take home (or do if they finished the bunnies quickly) - those are fun if you put colored tissue paper behind them and hang them in the window. I planned for them all to have a pair of paper cutting scissors they could take home and keep.

Well, to start off, the panel discussion today went long. As in late to pick up our kids long. So the craft was a serious afterthought. No problem, I thought to myself, this is an easy one to take home and do. So we said "Come pick up your supplies and you can take your craft home."

Of the 55 women in the group, only maybe 15 came by to actually get their materials.

Of those 15, only 7 or 8 actually took them when they saw what the craft was.

Le sigh.

I know you can't please everyone all of the time, but honestly with this job, I feel like I never please anyone any of the time.

I just need to remind myself that God has a sense of humor. Even when I've lost mine.

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