Book Review: When the Hurt Runs Deep

I don't think it's possible to make it through life without experiencing some kind of hurt - whether it's seemingly random and unfair or the direct result of bad choices made in a period of spiritual rebellion, Kay Arthur shows you how to find comfort and healing in the pages of the Bible. Best of all, she does it from the shoes of someone who has walked through times of hurt and despair, so it's not a "just smile and the world will love you" book. Arthur recognizes that hurt is real and hard, but there is always hope.

I particularly liked the fact that she dealt with different kinds of hurt on their own - because there are so many different issues that come with various hurts, and it's nice to see that recognized, rather than just having those who are hurting lumped into one big pot. (Which very often happens at the hands of friends - even church friends - and so rather than helpful things, you get hurtful things said, which just compounds the pain.)

Best of all? She leaves you with hope and a reminder of God's sovereignty and love.

This book was provided for review by WaterBrook Publishing.

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