So. Um. Yeah.

That whole sleep deprivation thing? It really puts a kink in your ability to get things done enough to the point that you can blog when you have free time. Mostly because you never actually get around to having free time. That could also be somewhat related to the fact that I'm trying to get a jumpstart on my statistics for my final report because, well, I really want to graduate before I die of old age. And also? We totally booked a Disney Cruise for the end of summer as a "Hey, congratulations, you finished your PhD" type thing and if I'm not done when we are supposed to leave for it, Tim is threatening to leave me at home. (Ok not really. He'll just throw me overboard when we get there. (Not really.) (Probably.))

So. Statistics. Can I just say that I hate them just as much now as I did in college and also again during my coursework?

I ordered a book to review and it came and I opened it and oh. my. gosh. There is no way I'm going to be able to finish it. So I will be posting a pseudo-review of it tomorrow (though I kind of hate to actually post the review, because good gracious...but you have to review what you have in order to get a new book so...lucky y'all). It's not that it's bad, but it's the 4th in a series and I vaguely recall getting the first (or 2nd?) and having a seriously hard time with it and, to be perfectly frank, I ordered this one thinking that it was something else entirely by a different author entirely because I vaguely recognized the names of the characters in the blurb and only when I got the book did I realize that I recognized them because of trying to slog through the first one that I ordered.

Our new puppy is getting huge. It's kind of astounding how much he grows when you turn your back. Also? We got promoted to the 2nd level of our dog training classes on Saturday. This is because he can sit, lay down, and looks at me when I say his name. So it's not like he's already saving small children from imminent doom. But still, it's nice to get out of the newbie classes cause the level 2 classes are at a much more convenient time for me. So there's that.

Speaking of the puppy, I had to call the vet today to ask a really stupid question because Google failed me. So, for future googlers - if you want to know if collies are considered a large breed or if collies are considered a medium breed, know now for the record: collies are considered a medium breed dog. (I think I put that in enough easily googleable search terms there. Cause really, why do the collie websites not just come out and say that?) Thankfully our vet is very nice and did not make fun of me while I was on the phone. I have no doubt, however, that my idiocy is anything other than the day's watercooler joke. This is me, an informed pet owner.

At least I started with "I know this is a stupid question and I did try looking on the Internet but it failed me."

That's really all that's going on here. Other than the whole it used to feel like spring outside and gosh, that was nice, but then yesterday it snowed and today it's freezing cold thing. And really, did you want to talk about the weather?

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