Surely There's Something to Say

Let's see if it can just bubble to the top:

  • Having a 3 year old and a puppy is, I imagine, a lot like having a 3 year old with a 9 month old sibling. The puppy puts everything in his mouth, doesn't do anything that you ask him to do, and is, basically, only getting by because he's adorable.
  • I'd forgotten how annoying the puppy chewing stage is
  • I started working on my dissertation final report yesterday. Technically the study isn't complete, but I have initial and midpoint data, so I think I can start crunching those numbers so that when the final data is in, I only have to do the midpoint to final data analysis. Making it (cross fingers etc) possible, nay probable, that I will actually graduate this semester.
  • I told my doctor that I was hoping to graduate with my PhD at the end of this semester and she asked if I was going to go to Disney World. Seriously.
  • But it did make me think that, hmmm, Disney in the fall might not be a bad idea. (I would wait til the fall though because seriously I do not get people who go to Orlando in the summer on purpose. It's hot down there.) (Plus, as no one here is in public school, why fight the masses if you don't have to?)
  • On the other hand, there are other places we could go in the fall too. But of those? Disney might be the better choice for all around enjoyment.
  • Though I've been kicking around the idea of going to Yellowstone (and that we would do in the summer as freezing is not something Tim enjoys.)
  • So I guess we could potentially do both. Who knows?
  • Point being, I could really go for a vacation.
  • Also? There is no reason that I am writing this as a bulleted list, other than that I started it that way and am now too lazy to go back up and unclick them.
  • I need to decide what I'm doing re: MOPS and crafts next year (as in: am I going to continue being in charge of crafts) soon. The coordinator has asked and honestly...I just don't know.
  • I believe that that is all.

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Just say no.