A Day on the Farm

This morning when I let the dogs out, I realized that it was already shaping up to be a gorgeous day. A quick glance at the weather forecast indicated that, yes, it was going to be beautiful and we owed it to ourselves to go out and do something in the fresh, spring-like air. So, I called my sister (and woke her, mind you, even though it was well after 8) to see what there was for us to do. I had toyed with some of the local playgrounds, but wanted something a little farther afield - something more on the lines of an adventure.

So after a bit of back and forth, we were pretty much settled on Dinosaur Land. It's about an hour and a half west, but still, the doodle loves his dinosaurs. So I called my mom to see if she wanted to tag along and her response was, "We can go, but I've been and it sucks." Apparently when she was there many of the dinos were in less than pristine shape (missing feet, etc.), and there was also the added thought of "Wouldn't Tim like to go see dinosaurs with the boy?" So...no Dinosaur Land this time - I still think we'll head out that way to see it - even if the adults think it's stupid, there's no way a dinosaur-crazy 3 year old is going to dislike it.

And so we were back to the drawing board. After a little more thought, we settled on Frying Pan Park - the main attraction being farm animals. What's not to love about farm animals? So we drove out there (the long way, mind you, because I got into the driving zone and missed the turn I was supposed to take so we did two legs of a triangle rather than the hypotenuse, but hey, it was a pretty day), picked up Wendy's for a picnic, and wandered about. There were, in fact, farm animals. Some lambs (newly lambed lambs), which the doodle thought were great until the adult sheep started pooping. Pooping big sheep are, apparently, much more interesting than cute new lambs to a 3 year old boy.

There were also newly born piglets. The doodle was enchanted. I just had flashbacks to 9th grade biology. (If you've ever dissected a fetal pig, you know of what I speak.) (And really, you got to have those flashbacks every year during high school if you had the misfortune to have your locker in the biology hall - cause dissection always manages to fall at the end of the year, when it's hot, so you have hot coupled with the stink of formaldehyde and baby pig and...I could vomit just writing that.) So piglets...cute? Yes. Sadly the whole Wilbur dynamic has been lost to me.

There was a peacock, two peahens and a turkey all sharing a coop. Which begged the question...why the turkey? No one could tell us. It was odd, but it kind of sounds like the set up for some kind of terrible joke ("A turkey, a peacock and two peahens walk into a bar...")

We went ahead and spent the money (and by we, I really mean my mom) for the tractor ride around the farm. This was fun from the riding behind a tractor standpoint, but there's not a lot of the farm to see at this point - so it's mostly horse trails. Which, if I liked horses, might have been more interesting.

That said, it was a fun outing. And now I've been....and I'm not sure that we ever need to go back. But I wouldn't kick and scream if someone said we had to.


Lynellen said...

I cant believe you left out the huge playground...that was a highlight.

Jen said...

Our kids love Frying Pan Park. We should plan on meeting there sometime.