There's a Lot of Drivel Out There

I've decided I'm only updating my Books I've Read Widget once a month, so look for that soon as we're nearing April. (How on earth did it get to be April already??) That said, on the one hand, free Kindle books! On the other hand...it just goes to show that with e-publishing, sometimes people get published that should never have gotten past the desk drawer stage.

What's terrible is that I keep slogging through the books, hoping against hope that it'll get better.

It rarely does.

Right now I'm reading romantic mystery set in Ireland (you see what caught my eye, right?) and I cringe on just about every paragraph because of the clear lack of editing (or heck, proofreading) that the author did before choosing to self publish. But also? The story has a putative half-sister and half-brother feeling attraction for one another. They are also squicked out by this (as they should be), and I am hoping against hope that very soon we're going to find out that they are not, in fact, half-siblings. (If that doesn't happen in the next 2-3 pages, then I'm done with it regardless of the fact that I hate quitting things after a few chapters. Cause blech.)

Of course, some of the drivel is also published by full up publishers, so it's not all just on the shoulders of the self-published author (which is probably why I'm generally quite willing to give a self-published book a go. Especially if it's free.)

Honestly there are days I set down my Kindle (or book, I still do love a good dead tree) and tell myself that once this PhD is finished, I have no more excuses not to actually push myself to try. Surely my drivel is just as good (or bad) as the other drivel out there.

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