Book Review: Judgment Day

Judgment Day by Wanda Dyson follows Suzanne Kidwell, a sensationalist talk show personality, after the death of her boyfriend in her car as she slowly realizes that the explosion was meant for her and is plunged into the middle some secrets that most people want to kill to protect. Enter Marcus Crisp and Alex Fisher-Hawthorne, to PIs hired by Suzanne's attorney to prove she is not guilty of the murder she's been arrested for. It doesn't help that the majority of the world wouldn't miss Suzanne at all, given her penchant for cutting corners on the research for her stories in the name of ratings and general lack of morals - and Marcus is at the front of the line.

This is a fast-paced suspense novel that keeps the pages turning faster than you would imagine.The characters seem real, with just enough flaw to make them interesting. The author didn't really cloak the mystery that Marcus and Alex are solving from the reader, but that doesn't keep the book from being enjoyable. In some ways, it's nice to know the culprit and watch the interactions with the other characters and see the self-absorption that prevents the characters figuring it out sooner as well. Just the thing for a rainy morning read.

This book was provided for review by WaterBrook publishing.

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