Love Triangles

I'm reading Island of the Swans right now - and really enjoying it, with the small exception of the continuing trend that seems to be prevalent EVERYWHERE right now: a love triangle.  (Now granted, in the case of Island of the Swans, as it's based on actual historical people, I guess I can't whine too much, but still.) I really just don't get the appeal of the love triangle as a romantic device.

Why is it considered romantic to have a situation where someone (and usually two someones) end up being miserable? I guess if there's one who is clearly evil and the two good people end up together that would be ok, but in general, the trend I'm seeing today is that the two alternatives are both equally acceptable, just for different reasons. And often, the girl who ends up doing the choosing is an annoying hand wringer rather than someone who just sucks it up, makes a choice, and deals with the consequences. Though I guess, put like that, that doesn't really make for page turning plot...which gets down to the heart of why I hate the love triangle device...I just don't like useless, incapable, hand wringing women. Even if, ultimately, they get it together, they're just annoying, especially when they're meant to be the protagonist of the story.

So, my plea to all the authors out there...please, stop with the triangles.

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