One of Those Days

If I'd had even an inkling of the day ahead when I got up this morning, I might have taken a pass. It started out innocently enough, a little snuggling on the couch, a little Mickey Mouse. And then it was time to take Cassi to the vet for a check up. Simple enough. I had, at least, had the proper number of brain cells to make two appointments rather than trying to take both dogs and a three-year-old at the same time. So it was just one dog (the well behaved one) and the three-year-old.

We got there 15 minutes (ish) early and got seen reasonably on time. But I got the chatty vet. I like her. I like how personable she is. But oh golly...I did not need to be there for almost an hour (when it's a 30 minute appointment.) So we zipped home to drop Cassi off before continuing our errands and as I opened the door to the house I was hit with a wave of the smell.

If you have ever owned a dog, you know the smell.

I do not know what Orion got into, but I know it did not agree with him. In fact, it did not agree with him all over my living room carpet. (Now, I'm not in love with that carpet. In fact, it's on my list of things that were original to the house that are now in pretty desperate need of a refresh. But as I want hardwood, it's expensive, so we're saving up and gosh darn it, that carpet needs to last a little longer.)

So, quick turn around turns into cleaning it up. All the while said three-year-old, who shares a smell-related gag reflex with his daddy, was running around in other rooms yelling "It SMELLS" and making retching noises. Thankfully he did not actually vomit (he has been known to do so with particularly offensive smells), I think because I shooed him outside to play in the back yard while I cleaned up. And then I opened up the windows because we had to let some of the smells out. Of course, I was unable to even really make a dent on the stain in the carpet, so I finally just drenched it in resolve, shut the dogs in the back yard, closed the windows, and we continued on our way to get the errands taken care of.

First stop, lunch. I had planned to eat at home but no one was eating in a house that smelled like our house, so Chick-Fil-A it was. This was actually not too bad, except that it was noon, so it was packed, and of course the little one wanted to play after he ate, and the play place was filled with children all running around howling like wolves and one little girl screaming the name of another little girl who, it turned out, had left fifteen minutes ago and another little girl who just shoved any and everyone out of her way (including adults) when she wanted to get somewhere. We didn't stay long.

Next up, Bed Bath & Beyond for curtain rods for my mom's new house (for the sidelight windows around the door). Of course they didn't have the ones that matched the ones that my sister had ordered (but she only ordered 2 instead of 4, so I was just going to pick up 2 more) so after a little back and forth she was able to cancel her online order and I went ahead and got all 4 plus the curtains. Though I'll have to make another trip to a different store to get the window clingy stuff that will provide additional opacity.

Then down the sidewalk to Babies R Us. I had parked down by them and we walked over to B, B & B because that gave the doodle time to finish his ice cream. Or, in our case, to accidentally drop his ice cream and proceed to have a hissy fit about it because I wouldn't let him pick it up and finish it after it dropped into the bird poo that covered the particular area of sidewalk where he dropped it. So on the walk back, he decided he was scared of the bird poo and demanded to be carried even though my arms were full of our bags from BB&B. Cue the back ache.

Bags deposited in car, into BRU for a ride on Bert & Ernie (they're on a fire engine) and then a look to see if they had the cheapo backup carseat that I wanted since he's outgrown the other carseat that we have in Tim's / my sister's car (it's kind of just "the backup" -- for whomever else needs to tote him about, that way I can leave the one in my car all snug rather than dealing with taking it in and out). Small bonus: found a slightly better one on sale for cheaper than the one I had decided to deal with.

Back home for nap time. If possible, the house smelled even worse, so I threw open all the windows and put the kiddo to bed. I had assurances that he was going to stay in bed, so I let him leave the door open. I came down to do my grades. Apparently the temptation was too great, and when I go upstairs I see that he's wandering around on the main floor. He greets me with "I peed my pants." Which he apparently did just then as I came up the stairs. Even though he knows going potty is the one reason it's ok to get out of bed. So I take him up to change his pants and see my fabric markers on the floor of his room, uncapped. My permanent fabric markers. The ones I keep in a high up drawer in a room he should not have been in. His excuse? "I wanted to decorate my room." I did not actually find all that much drawing (there is some on the windowsill) but honestly.

My sister swung by with her spot bot to see if it could do something about the "something really disgusting died here, violently" stains on my rug. Thankfully, it did. And it helped some with the smell. Though now there are some big clean spots on my rug - but I'll take original color spots over poo spots any day. Then we went to my mom's new house to unload a few boxes from my sister's car and I gave replacing the deadbolt on the front door another go, having found the drill bit I was hoping I'd need to make the hole a little bigger so the bolt would fit.

I'll summarize with the kiddo running around the house and not answering me when I called, freaking me out to epic proportions. Then he swung the new shower bar around and whacked the wall, so I'll need to touch up my parent's paint some. Then he was running around with a screw from the deadbolt kit and cut his hand. The drill doesn't close tightly enough on the bits, so they eventually wobble themselves out of the grip as you use them. Flying drill bits aren't really all that exciting to have to dodge. I did, at least, get the deadbolt put in. We got the boxes unpacked. And then headed home. Where I had to bathe an incredibly stinky dog, cut poo out of his behind fur. Bathe an overtired (but stinky and filthy) child and figure out what to feed everyone.

The child is in bed with a bribe of a Cadbury egg for breakfast if he'll sleep all night (I only gave in to the bribe because honestly I don't think even that will work). The dog is acting like nothing is wrong and yipping to try and get someone, anyone!, to play with him. And I still have to teach before I can call it a day.

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Lynellen said...

I love the way you write. I was present for part of your day but you made it funny in the writeup.