Random Tidbits

  • I'm struggling with it being the end of April. Honestly...where is the year going?
  • My allergies seem to get worse each year. I'm trying to decide if it's me or the pollen. Maybe both. But honestly, it kills me to go outside these days. (Anyone who follows that up with, "So don't go outside" clearly does not have a little boy.)
  • Tim and I sat down and made a list of the various improvements we want to make to the Sleepy abode in the next little while. The two big ones are a patio under the deck and hardwoods throughout the above ground floors of the house. We're currently going round and round about which should come first. 
  • Not like either is going to happen immediately - there's that whole "save up for what you need to spend before you spend it" thing that's going on as well.
  • But we could probably afford the patio this spring/early summer, whereas the floors are going to need more time to build up.
  • Honestly, I wish Congress had to run the country the way we run our finances.
  • Speaking of saving up, we've also started on the make a car payment to ourselves each month plan as both cars are nearing the ten year mark and while the convertible is doing great, the Saturn is showing its age (hmmm...Toyta is doing well, GM is dying...go figure). So there's probably a new car on the horizon - though hopefully that's 2 or 3 years out.
  • But that means I get to play with building cars on the Internet for fun. Tim mocks me, but I find it very enjoyable. That said...I still can't really find a car I like that balances having some room for toting things with not costing an arm and a leg in gas each week. Because I don't think gas prices are going down anytime soon.
  • I thought this was interesting.
  • Orion (the 5-month collie puppy) is a sweet, wonderful play machine. But he is huge. And honestly, I think he grows while you're watching him. It has to stop eventually, right? (He's also beautiful and just a love, so even if he never stops growing it's ok.)
  • The doodle has gotten really excited about baseball. I'm not really sure how (or why). Anyway, owing to the new interest I got him a little t-ball set from Target today for $14. I'm excited to set it up after nap time and see if he continues to enjoy it. 
  • Mom and dad have movers at the old house today to pack up the remainder of what we didn't move (so all the books and non-fragile things...cause I come by my book sickness honestly, and no one wants to move those books voluntarily). I think by Friday they should be completely moved to the new house. Not that it'll be put away etc., but at least it'll all be located in the same zip code. Then just a few fix ups at the old house and it'll go on the market with fingers crossed for a quick, full price sale.
  • It's nice having them close by. The doodle and I can stop by when we're out and about for 5 or 10 (or 30) minutes and still be home by nap time.

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