Explain Yourself!

We are well and truly seated in the age of why right now. And oh my gosh...I do not have enough answers to fill a day.

I'll turn the radio on after breakfast and we'll be listening to a song while playing and it's what is he singing about? Who is this? Why is he singing about that? What does it mean? Why would I want that?

We'll drive somewhere....Where is that car going? Who's driving it? Is she nice? Why are they our neighbors?

I'll ask him to do something...Why? Why would I fall/get hurt/etc? How come? Why don't you want me to get hurt? Where are the dogs? Where's daddy? Is daddy coming home tonight? When?  (Yes, all this off asking him to do something.)

I try to explain...I really do. We've gotten into fairly detailed discussions of friction and weather systems and the speed of light and action/reaction. We've talked about color receptors in the eye and how the ear drum vibrates. We've talked about gravity, how it makes us hit the ground and how we can then get hurt. We've talked about skin and why it can rip or be cut.

And by nap time, my answers have usually devolved into "I'm not sure" or "Because I asked you to and sometimes we just do what mommy asks us to do without any other explanation other than she asked you to do it."

My brain hurts.


michellewillingham said...

And then there's the ever-popular: "Because I said so." I often will say, "Why do you think it is that way?" Sometimes the answers can be pretty funny.

Personally, I think it's their attempt at making conversation and trying to keep Mommy talking and paying full attention to them. :) Which is not a bad thing.

Jen said...

Yes. In our case, I really believe that I don't need to answer a lot of the time - he just likes to talk and his talking just happens to be in question form. It's exhausting. And cute. But mostly exhausting.

beth said...

He gets really upset if you don't give him some kind of answer. I imagine some of it is just wanting my full attention and to talk...most days I love it, but there are days when I just run out of words.