Mother's Day Musings

Mother's day is a strange day for me. In many ways, it's one day I tend to be reasonably glad that it's just not in Tim's nature to make a big deal out of holidays/celebrations. First off, I can't get passed the made up-ness of the day. I tend to agree with my mom that if you can't celebrate and love me all year, I'd just as soon not have a special day where you try to make yourself feel better about it.

Add in to that the years of infertility where Mother's Day was a slap in the face about what I yearned for but couldn't have - to the point that very often I'd just skip church altogether so as not to have to deal with it. I suspect that Mother's Day is to the infertile what Valentine's Day is to someone who is single. And as both are, in my mind, Hallmark Holidays, I'd really just as soon not deal with either.

On the other hand, now that we do have a child, I enjoy the excitement he feels at bringing me a card or a flower (though he would "buy me" flowers every time we went to the grocery store if I'd let him - he loves to get flowers). So I can see why many embrace the day.

In general, though, today is just another day where I am eternally grateful to God and a brave young woman for my son, who may not be a child of my body, but he is so very much a child of my heart.

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