Weekend Round Up

This weekend started out with what is, normally, the type of Friday I look forward to: Tim was off. This week, however, I needed to spend the day helping supervise the offloading of my parent's moving truck, so rather than a family day, it just meant that Tim and the kiddo had a fun day together and I didn't have to worry about the little one being in the way of the movers all day. Win-win, really.

Mom and dad now have all their worldly goods located in their new house. Unpacked will be another, longer, more arduous story, but co-located is a good start.

Saturday, the three of us went hiking in the national forest near us in the morning. We took Orion and left Cassi at home thinking (correctly, it would appear) that he would think it was the best thing in the world and that she might enjoy a morning to herself. Everyone had a lovely time and we got to my parent's house around lunch time tired, but satisfied with our brief jaunt into nature. I spent a few hours that afternoon helping unpack while Tim and the kiddo took Orion home and took naps.

Saturday night I went to see Water for Elephants with two friends. I was hesitant, having really enjoyed the book and the reviews had been terrible. But honestly? I don't think the reviewers know what they're talking about. It was a very well done movie, a great adaptation of the book, and honestly? I thought the casting was just fine. I didn't think Twilight every time Pattinson was on the screen, nor did I have any issue with Witherspoon. Which I guess is the difference between a professional movie reviewer and someone who just enjoys a good movie based on a good book. If you liked the book (or honestly, even if you haven't read the book but you like depression-era romances with the fun of the circus thrown in), go see the movie. It's worth your time.

Sunday was more laid back with church and general hanging around the house (coupled with minor tidy-up). We watched a little TV, but not much - basically ending the TV time 30 minutes after the Amazing Race finished. (If the Globetrotters win this season, I'm going to be very upset. You'd think professional athletes would know something about good sportsmanship. In the case of the Globetrotters you would be so, so wrong. They disgust me. They disgusted me on their season and their spots have not changed.) Regardless, I didn't hear about bin Laden until this morning.

My only real reaction to it is that I'm frankly surprised our current President had the guts to order the strike and I hope that we remember who it was who set the stage for this to be possible - cause it sure wasn't Obama. Do I think it's going to change much, if anything? Not really, to be honest. I guess we'll see what happens.

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