Book Review: Departures

Departures is two novellas in one. I'm guessing from the cover that there are YA series surrounding each of the girls featured in the novellas, but I haven't read any of them, and the stories stand alone just fine. The two stories are connected, slightly, by a chance encounter in an airport.

In general, these stories are about mid-teen girls who are just starting to explore the world of dating and what that means within the confines of their faith. Both have a friend who exemplifies the side of "what not to do" -- they're very much morality tales (not in a bad way, just there's a very clear, and good, message).

They were fun, quick reads with nothing particularly noteworthy and nothing particularly bad. I can't say that my younger self would have read or enjoyed them though, so I'm not really sure if the demographic for whom they were written would really go for them. My reading choices were never particularly mainstream, so it's possible they're dead on.

This book was provided for review by Waterbrook Publishing.

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