My friends are all named Ed. They're special.

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook.

On the one hand, it's a nice way to keep in touch with friends from high school and college and to get a little blip here and there about their lives without having to wait for them (or me) to have enough to put into an actual email and send along.

On the other hand...well, it's Facebook.

On Tim's birthday last year, I put on his wall something along the lines of "Happy birthday, sweetheart." Because it was his birthday and I call him sweetheart much of the time.

Our mutual friends from college all then chimed in with varying degrees of admittedly funny mockery for me having publicly posted something mushy. Or at least semi-mushy. Because honestly, calling my husband sweetheart doesn't really register on the mushy scale to me, but whatever.

Still, it makes me laugh and wonder exactly how I ended up with the weirdo friends in my life, because my other friends? They post seriously over the top mushy things to one another's walls at a near constant rate and the most any of them ever get is a passing "awww."

(Today, for example, I have two friends going back and forth about how they are the luckiest person alive because the other is their spouse and how they love each other and can't wait til the kids are in bed later tonight. If I posted even the first part of that (the lucky part), our friends would be all over it. And yet for these two? Nothing but a few awws and offers to babysit.)

My friends are, apparently, all pretty special.

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