On Babysitting

I'm watching our friend's daughter three days this week because of a big, drama-riffic snafu with their usual day care person. Can I just say that while I adore my child, and their little girl is really very easy, I could never be in full time work with children. Other people's kids are....not mine. Maybe that's the best way to put it.

Still, today we walked down to the park, the weather being a little sliver of unexpected heaven in the middle of June today. And of course the little girl (she's nearly 2, so a bit younger than the doodle, but walking well enough) saw the slides, ripped her hand out of mine, took off, made it three steps, and then tripped, managing to fall exactly so she could smack her forehead on the corner of the rail road ties they use to fence in the mulched playground.

Apparently I'm that babysitter.

She only cried for a minute before she was off again. Looking at it, if she was my kid, I would just let it be. So I texted her parents to let them know and we played. She's fine, less the purple-ish goose egg. But it figures that this happens when I'm watching her. Hopefully her parents will understand (they're good friends, so I'm not expecting a problem, but honestly, I just hate that she got hurt on my watch, you know?) I still feel kind of small.

All that aside though? Two kids is SO much easier than just one. They play! They encourage each other to eat! They help each other do things!

The doodle needs a sibling. Stat.

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