Bullets Over Monday

  • I haven't actually seen Bullets Over Broadway, but I do think it's a catchy title and that's why I'm semi-ripping it off. It probably is completely inappropriate to anything in this list. But that's never stopped me before, so why start now?
  • We spent the bulk of Saturday trying to do a bit of spring cleaning. (Is it always spring cleaning regardless of the time of year? I just think you all understand what I mean when I say spring cleaning vs. "summer cleaning" or "June cleaning" or whatever. I spring clean whenever I can find the motivation.) Part of that was bagging/boxing/sorting all the kid clothes for donation. I found a friend who is going to take the 24 month + stuff, so that's lovely. The rest I will drop off at the Salvation Army when I get a chance. On the one hand, it feels really good to have it out of my hair. On the other hand, it's a little sad to see it go. It's not as if we're giving up on adopting a second time, but there's only a 50% chance we'd get another boy to start off with, and if someone else can be using the stuff, why should it sit in my closet gathering dust? Share when you can.
  • I also finished up my first and a half-th round of revisions. Why first and a half-th? Because I sent 3/4 of the first round off and he got back with more changes before I had finished the last 1/4. Now all changes are made and sent back to him. What will be fun is waiting to see how many rounds of revisions it takes for him to tell me to undo something that he told me to do in this first round. I give it another 2 rounds of revisions.
  • I also spent time up at my folk's old house with my sister and brother-in-law making the last changes/touch ups before getting it listed for sale. Merry Maids is going to come do a deep clean on Wednesday and then, hopefully, it'll get listed that night (or at least in time for the weekend). Pray that it sells fast! 
  • We get to start booking our cruise excursions this week (on Friday)...which means I guess I'd better knuckle down and figure out what I want to do through the cruise line (if anything) and what I think we can just figure out on our own. 
  • I'd probably also be well served to make some hotel reservations for either end of the vacation. I did, at least, manage to get the airfare taken care of. 
  • I noticed that the Tony Awards were on last night. I've always wondered why they televise the Tonys when the shows that all the awards are for have to be viewed in person in New York City.
  • We're also now all caught up, DVR-wise, on Chuck (gosh am I glad that next year is its last season - it was a fun show, but it has definitely run its course. Honestly...not sure I'll watch the last season, though I stuck with it this long, kind of feels like I might as well finish it out.) and have only the most recent Dr. Who sitting there waiting to be viewed. I am *loving* this season of Who. Matt Smith is finally growing on me. He's still no David Tennant, but really, who is?
  • That's really all that's going on around here. Much too much reading (if that's possible), which is a common avoidance syndrome for me. But at least I recognize it for what it is, right?


GroovyVic said...

I was rather disappointed with Chuck and I think they jumped the shark. Morgan is the new Intercept? Ugh.

And I watched the season finale of Doctor Who after not watching any other episodes this season. So that's who River Song is!

beth said...

I haven't seen the last one yet -- really looking forward to finally getting the scoop on River Song!

tpsaye said...

I'd recommend Bullets Over Broadway, btw. By far one of Woody Allen's better recent movies.

- Robbo