Professional Development

The school where I teach requires 15 hours of professional development each year for full time and adjunct faculty a like. In general, I have no issue with this - in the field of computers, in particular, you can't afford to get left behind. That said, why do they not count my doctoral work as professional development? If getting another degree is not developing myself professionally (esp. as the degree is in my field) then I'm really not sure what is professional development.

On the flip side, the school has several internal conferences each year with in-house presenters who basically take an hour and just randomly talk about things - very few of which are what I would consider something that would be accepted as a presentation for any reputable conference out there. Yet we can get PD for attending those.

At least it's all online, so I can do other things while listening...like, oh, I don't know...write a blog post?

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