Brain Rot Update

I realized that I haven't commented on the various TV shows I've been using as distraction from how much I hate to exercise lately. So really, what better way to spend Friday than focusing on the latest in brain rot? To wit:

Platinum Hit - This is a competition for songwriters. It is rife with drama and cattiness and, as such, takes me about 15 minutes to watch the 1-hour episodes as I skip the whining and the commercials, preferring instead to watch the hook challenge and then hear the final songs. I need very little of the actual song writing part (which is the longest part of the show) to get the gist. For those not watching, I'll sum it up: all of these song writers hate working with other song writers because they feel the others' egos are too large and/or they're not as talented. Honestly, the best part is watching Jewel (one of the judges) remind them every single week that songwriting is very rarely done alone in a closet and they really have to learn to work with other people if they want to make it. Then they cut to the confessionals where all the song writers are like "What? I work great with other people, it's just that other people don't work well with me."

Master Chef - I love seeing the more focused, less extreme side of Gordon Ramsay. I also enjoy Joe and Graham. I am frankly surprised that the contestants who consistently break down into tears over the stress are still around. Isn't part of being a chef being able to deal with stress? That said, it's nice to see real people cook.

Hell's Kitchen - This just started back up and I'm already a bit behind, but it seems like it's running par for the course. I'm almost over it, honestly. This season may be the one where I quit watching. Plus? I miss Jean-Phillippe.

Food Network Star - I'm so glad this is almost over. Honestly, this is another one I watch in about 15 minutes because dang people, just hush up and cook. And that applies to the contestants and Bobby Flay. I used to really like Bobby Flay, I'm not sure what happened, honestly, but somewhere along the lines he started believing his own press or something and lost his appeal. And the selection committee...oh...I know they're media magnates of some sort, but could they be more annoying? Beyond that - there isn't a single contestant whose show I would watch. And I'm not sure that wasn't the case when all of them were still standing. I guess I'm just about over this show...we'll see what happens next summer.

Design Star - This is the slightly less annoying cousin to Food Network Star. Vern Yip is in very much the same boat as Bobby Flay to me, though I can't say I actually ever liked his design style on Trading Spaces, at least he wasn't quite as huge of an egotistical snot ball as he is on Design Star. Then last season they got rid of Clive as the host and the judges did the hosting themselves. This year, they've brought back a host but it's some incredibly annoying woman who, as far as I can tell, actually adds nothing to the show. If they were gonna bring back a host, I wish they'd've brought back Clive. He made it so much more fun. As it is, at this point I'm yet again behind in episodes and not in any rush to catch up because it's all the same old crap that no one in their right mind would actually let into their house. I guess I'm about over this one, as well.

Project Runway - This just started up again last night - the episode is currently calling to me from the DVR. I might to watch it here shortly. But I'm stoked that it's back.

There is a new show, Take the Money and Run, that looks like it could be amusing. I think it starts next week, so perhaps I'll report back on that later. But that's a snapshot of the reality brain rot currently in consumption around these parts.

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Lynellen said...

last week on design star, there was a GORGEOUSLY done "hamptons" dining room. I loved it and want it.