I suppose it's a sign of age, or something, but I am having a terribly difficult time wrapping my head around the idea that today is August 1st. That said, I am ready to start counting down the days til our vacation at the end of the month - where hopefully it'll be cooler than it's been around here.

I have a relatively big list of things that need to get done before said vacation - most of them relating to my plan to do pre-K/K at home this year and the various crafts for MOPS that I want to have ready to demo at our planning meeting on the 20th. And yet here I sit, blathering on about basically nothing.

In 12 short days, Tim and I will hit our 16th anniversary. We're rapidly reaching the point where we'll have been together longer than we were not - and that's a strange (yet completely delightful) realization. We started dating in October of 1993 - so really it's only another 2 years, though it's another 4 before we'll have been married for as long as we were single. (Still, it's coming along fast.)

With the advent of August has come the wads of school supply catalogs and ads and displays and can I just say I'm in heaven? I know I'm not alone in loving school supplies - in fact, it seems like it's a very common love, rather than the odd one I used to think it was - but still...I have this urge to go buy a notebook and a package of pens and a new tape dispenser. (I can't be alone in loving the smell of Scotch tape, can I?)

Happy August, people.

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