I Can Already Tell It's Going To Be A Favorite

I just started reading The Invention of Hugo Cabret aloud to the doodle. I haven't read it yet myself, so it's risky, I suppose, to do it as a read aloud, but I can always edit as we go if needed. So far, it's delightful. And the pictures. Oh, the pictures.

There is a reason that there does not appear to be either a paperback or Kindle version of this book, and that is the pictures. But let me just say...so worth it.

We spend several minutes poring over each one, looking at the pencil lines and searching for the hidden details. Some seem so rough and hastily drawn, others are deep and rich with things to find...it's just glorious.

When I read on the cover "A story in words and pictures" I wasn't sure what to expect but now...It's so much more than an illustrated book.

They're making a movie (out soonish, if I recall - saw the preview during Harry Potter). Having found the delight of the book (and really, we're only about 1/4 of the way through), I have to wonder if it's even possible that they've done it justice.

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