Book Review: Indelible

I read Indivisible by this author last year and remembered enjoying it, so when I saw the opportunity to review another book set in the same town (so with overlapping characters, etc.) I thought it might be fun. In general, that turned out to be the case.

Indelible follows the story of Natalie, a sculptor who recently moved to the town and Trevor MacDaniel, former Olympic athlete and owner of the adventure outfitter shop next door to her new studio. They meet when Trevor rescues Natalie's nephew from a mountain lion attack - the resulting publicity from the rescue draws attention from a murderous stalker. Much suspense, romance, and drama follow.

Overall, it's a quick, fun read. However, I was lucky enough (ha) to get this as an ebook and all I can say is that I hope when they sell the Kindle version they take the time to actually format it in such a way as to make it readable. The version I got (and it's not an ARC, but I didn't download it from Amazon, it was sent by the publisher, thus why it might be different) was horrid and incredibly hard to follow for several chapters until I could mostly figure out what was meant to have been set apart as a chapter topping quote. Also, the author skips from the standard telling of the story into the crazed ramblings of the stalker, and really, I think the story would have been better without said crazed ramblings. They really didn't add to anything. They didn't reveal the story better. And at least in the electronic version I had, they were hard enough to distinguish that it took a minute before I realized that the main characters hadn't suddenly started ranting, but that we had switched voice again.

If I assigned stars, I guess I'd give this one a solid 3...maybe 2.5.

In case you didn't catch it, this book was provided for review by Waterbrook Publishing.

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