Rantus Interruptus

I logged into dear old Blogger with the sole purpose of complaining about how lately (today in particular), every time I check Facebook it's post after post after post of what, in my current mental state, just feels like salt in the particular wound in question (e.g. having lost boodles of weight by making the simple changes that a normal body responds to by losing weight, or having kids that are wonderful sleepers, or whatever.)

But you were all saved from this delight by Google's sense of humor - right there on my dashboard it says, "It looks like your blog is popular!" and then it continued by asking me if I wanted to monetize it with ad sense. It was a good thing that I was not drinking at the time, because I did most assuredly laugh out loud when I read that.

Out of curiosity, I clicked on the stats link (and honestly, this was the first time I noticed said stats link - when did Blogger start doing stats, I ask you? Clearly I need to pay more attention to my platform's announcements. Or not. But hey, good to know.) and I actually get more page views than I anticipated. Yay for me! (Really it's more "Yay for you, whoever you are. Thank you for swinging by." I thought about an exclamation on that last one. And then maybe a "Please come back again", but I don't want to seem needy.) (Even though it totally made my day.)

And so my mild funk was busted. Who says blogging isn't good for you?

(And no, I won't be monetizing my blog anytime soon. Fear not.)

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Lynellen said...

I hope all those clicks arent just from me and mom :)

Maybe we like to come here and read your complaints?