T-8 Days, and Counting

That right there is the vacation counter.

I'm really looking forward to having some good, relaxing family time. I suspect that will occur sometime around when we're off the airplane. Because the flight is terrifying me right now. (Last night I had nightmares and while I can't remember the whole of them, they were very clearly about flying with my little boy.) I think he's going to love it. But I also know that sitting still for that length of time is going to be a challenge. And then I have visions of him being that child who can't get his ears to pop and thus spends the whole time screeching at the top of his lungs.

I'm sure he'll be fine. I really am. I just need the anticipation of it to be done.

(Last year before the cruise I had visions of him tumbling overboard and being ill and so on and so forth and he was fine and the nightmares were unwarranted...so at least I don't have to have those again.)

I meant to grab the suitcases we're borrowing from my sister when I was at her house yesterday so I could start packing some things. Yes, it's early to be packing. But we're going to be taking clothes not currently in use, so why not? I thought it might ease my mind. Now, having forgotten to get said suitcases twice I am simply beginning to wonder if my mind is slipping.

Still, I am quite looking forward to our trip. As I'm going to have to teach while we're away anyway, expect updates intermittently.

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Jen said...

I'm sure you've seen this advice elsewhere, but make sure his carry-on includes toys/books to keep his interest during the flight. Only bring out one thing at a time. Maybe include one brand new item as a treat for behaving - it may keep his interest for quite a while. We tried DVDs, too, if you have a portable DVD player.

Also, bring his favorite snacks and milk/juice boxes - you can bring food/drink for the kids. Just declare it to TSA when you go through security.

He'll be fine. =) You'll be fine.