Wednesday Ramblings

A few thoughts before I go and wake the little one from his nap, because I'm not having a ton of luck stringing together a fully formed post:

  • I'm both excited and bordering on antsy for our upcoming vacation. I need to start making some lists. Lists always help make me calm.
  • I was tidying up the kitchen table this morning (it gets strewn with coloring books and toys and other random detritus of a 3 year old and usually I let it just stay for a while because the minute I put it away, he wants it out again) and the boy looks at me and says, "Mama, who's coming over?" Maybe I need to be just a bit more strict about putting things away when we're done playing with them on the table.
  • He totally refused to believe we were expecting company when I next started in on the kitchen island and dining room table. 
  • I refuse to contemplate exactly what that says about my housekeeping. Other than to just agree that my home won't be appearing in any magazine features anytime soon. Which is just fine with me - we live here, and I think houses should look like homes, not showplaces.
  • I finished reading Ready Player One last night. Love love love. It was a fantastic story with lots of great 80's trivia/nostalgia mixed into a good future/cyberpunk-light story. Well worth a read if you're in the market for a book these days.
And I think that wraps it up, because I hear the pitter patter of feet above my head.

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