Because I'm Overwhelmed

And feeling guilty about not having posted anything really this week (and ok, fine, who feels guilty about not blogging? Apparently I do. Why? No idea. Other than I'm overwhelmed in general right now and so everything is doing this massive pile on of guilt.)

Things I intended to blog about in more detail but will now reduce to bullet points:

  • Who on earth approved the OK Go! version of the Muppets theme song? Jim Henson is probably spinning so fast in his grave that he could power a small third world nation. Yes, the Muppets were in the 70s. No, you did not have to be high to enjoy them. Still, the new theme song? Totally makes it sound like the Muppets are something only stoners enjoy. 
  • Speaking of ruining childhood memories, are they really redoing Footloose? It was a good movie, sure, but does it really need an update? What are they changing, exactly? Is everyone going to do that stupid new version of, essentially, the electric slide - the one with all the clapping in it? Bah. What's next - Ferris Bueller?
  • Yes, I realize that I now need to say something like "Get off my lawn."  I'm ok with that.
  • Speaking of my lawn, we really need to look into doing something about the mud pit under the deck. Either that or I need to figure a way to just give up on all pretense of having a clean house, cause mud pit + big dogs + digging dogs + small child = mud all over my floor all the damn time.
  • Yes, that's right. I said damn.
  • I did mention I'm overwhelmed, right?
  • I need to find some good books to read. I've been sifting through entirely too many free books for Kindle. And these particular books make it clear why they're free. Honestly, my dogs could write better than some of these authors. Sometimes you really do get what you pay for.
  • I found a nice frame for my diploma (that finally showed up), now I just need to frame the thing and then rearrange my diploma wall. Maybe if I'm feeling it, I'll snap a photo to share with the 2.2 of you.
  • It should probably say "our" diploma wall - Tim does have diplomas up there as well, after all.
  • There was more, but I've now forgotten what it was. Clearly it was scintillating.
As you were.

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