Doing Swimmingly

We had our 3rd lesson with a private swimming school today and I'm already feeling like it's worth the extra money. After 3 intense 2 week sessions (4 days a week) at the rec center, the doodle would periodically allow his upper lip to go under the water while making bubbles. If he did accidentally manage to submerge his face, he would emerge shrieking as if life, as we knew it, had ceased. I was reasonably pleased with this progress, thinking it was about what I could expect...until now.

Today, the teacher had him taking a breath, going completely under the water, swimming (she guided him, but he scooped and kicked) for 7 seconds, coming up to take another breath and then repeat. And he loved it. (Honestly, that's the biggest thing - she's made swimming as much fun as being in the water. Cause he loved being in the water, but never wanted to actually swim.) He will, periodically, go completely under during the course of the lesson and he now knows how to pop back up. Plus, every time his mouth hits the water, he is making bubbles (and therefore not sucking water in). I'm so incredibly pleased.

My goal is to have him reasonably water proof by the time summer swings back around. The way things are progressing, I think this is definitely achievable.

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