Commence Over-commitment...now

This week, in addition to being back home (and really, it's so lovely to be back home that I don't think I can overstate it. Vacation was delightful, don't get me wrong, but home is...home), we're starting all the various thing that start back up with the start of school. And I'm realizing that we have quite a bit on our plates these days.

Sunday nights the doodle is doing AWANA at church. I did AWANA growing up and the Bible verses I memorized as part of that program are still, by and large, with me. I don't think it's ever too early to start memorizing scripture, and the AWANA program, for whatever reason, seems to really get kids motivated to do so.

Mondays we're doing swim lessons. I've opted to go the private route for now, as I was becoming less and less happy with the rec center lessons. Foremost in my disappointment was just how many kids they crammed into the pool with one instructor. Now, maybe that goes down during the school year, but in our last set of lessons, the kiddo got maybe 7 minutes of actual instruction time in a 30 minute class. The rest was waiting his turn. And I'm all about teaching him to wait his turn, don't get me wrong, but not when he's supposed to be learning to swim. So, anyway, we've started once a week swimming lessons and I'm hopeful that come next summer he'll be considerably more waterproof and I can worry about taking him swimming less. Cause the boy loves to swim. I just want him to be safe doing so.

Tuesdays we'll have MOPS (every other Tuesday - I think the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays - I have them written down). I'm doing crafts again this year (note to self: need to schedule that head examination). I do think this will be my last year doing crafts. It may be my last year on steering, not sure. Could also end up being my last year in MOPS, since if I'm not there to do something, it's not like I've made scads of friends through the process, even though I'd really hoped to do just that.

Wednesday night I teach. And that's generally when various meetings occur as well.

Thursday nights the kiddo has soccer practice. And alternating Thursdays are either get togethers for the ladies in our Sunday school class or the men of the class getting together to play poker. Then we have a game Saturday morning.

I look at that and just get a little tired. But soccer will be over at the beginning of November. And MOPS is only twice a month. So really, it'll be fine. I'm just feeling like I should be reminding myself that the word is pronounced "No." On the other hand, my mom never really learned that word either, so at least I come by it honestly.

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