Monday Sundries

Because we're back on our schedule, even though my body is still confused about the time zone, I give you a scattershot of thoughts:

  • The doodle did great on the flight home until about the last 20 minutes. Then he started getting restless. By the time we had our bags and were on the shuttle to our car, he was in full out meltdown, complete with screaming and kicking feet. The shuttle driver actually pulled over to ask us to just give him what he wanted because she couldn't drive with the noise. We just apologized and tried to calm him down a little more, because honestly, who asks parents to give in to their child's tantrum? It's not like we weren't clearly already mortified enough.
  • Saturday the first soccer game of the season got canceled. He had missed his first practice (the 2nd was canceled as well), so we didn't mind too much, but he's really looking forward to going to practice this week.
  • We started individual swim lessons (once a week, year round) today. He was in heaven, the instructor is awesome, and I think this is going to be a very good thing.
  • We eeked by on what was in the freezer over the weekend because I hate to grocery shop on the weekends with everyone who works for a living. So today we went shopping and spent less than I expected it to total up to and now we have food in the house.
  • Sadly, I'm still unmotivated about making dinner. I need to figure out how to make planning meals less of an onerous task.
  • The home study renewal is underway, but otherwise no baby news, besides, of course, the doodle wishing very loudly for a baby sister every time he threw a penny in a fountain during the trip. If this baby isn't a girl, he's going to be very upset (though I'm hoping we'll find out sooner than later so we can try and do some prep with him.)
  • Speaking of that, he was very vocal about the new baby on our trip. You get considerably fewer rolled eyes and other assorted nasty faces when people assume you're expecting rather than simply overweight. I didn't bother straightening that misconception out.
  • I miss having ice cream available to me at any time of day.
  • My scale does not miss me not having ice cream available to me at any time of day.
  • The dogs both out grew their kennels while we were gone. We bumped Lyra up to Orion's old one and got him a new one on Saturday. Now they both go in them voluntarily during the day to snooze. I'm taking this as a good sign that they're much happier. Happy dogs are good things.
  • Our vet can not pronounce Lyra to save their lives - the answering machine always has a pause, then a stutter, then "Lye-ra". Really? We should have just named her Lire or Leara, I guess.
  • I should probably go wake his nappingness as we're coming up on 2 hours asleep and we need to be off to pick up Tim's sister at work (because her parents can't go get her because they have all kinds of work people and insurance people at the house as they got about 24" of water in their basement on Thursday.)

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