They May Not Live To See Their Birthdays

Puppies. Oh...puppies. Why did I think puppies were a good idea?

I just finished writing a $200 check (well, $218 to be exact) to the heat and air guy because he was out for our annual summer inspection (ok, yes, we're a tad behind on that - we'll do our fall inspection next month) and he found that the dogs, bless their pointy heads, had nearly chewed through one of the wires leading to the outside unit. So he fixed it and arranged it so that it's not as accessible. But honestly.

This in addition to the chewed baseboards and window sills and carpet. (On the one hand, yay, I'll need to replace the carpet a tad sooner than later. On the other hand, I want hardwood and we have been saving, but there's a lot more to save before that can happen. Especially with a new baby on the way and, oh yes, two cars that are happily climbing further and further over 100K miles every day. And really, I would rather take care of the mud pit under the deck (that oh yes, the lovely dogs DIG in at any opportunity) before dealing with anything else because that would make keeping the house clean that much easier.)

I love them. I do. But they need to be done with bad puppy behaviors sooner than later.

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