There Ought to be Something To Say

But my mind is filled only with randomness...so, here for your viewing pleasure (?):

  • I really had been trying to convince the kiddo that he wanted to be Agent P for Halloween. This way I could make Tim dress up like Doofenschmirtz to walk him around the neighborhood. It would've rocked. But the kiddo is desperate to be a pirate. Jake, from the Neverland Pirates, to be exact. You know, the main character of a show I really dislike and pretty much never let him watch? Yeah, that one. I think daddy lets him watch it.
  • I finished my PhD in July. My degree was conferred 8/31 (because it's always the next month, I guess, at our school). I have yet to receive my diploma. Seriously...how long does it take to make and mail a diploma?
  • Everyone seems to be up in arms about the Facebook changes. Honestly, I don't care for the new format but I just can't work up the energy to get my knickers in a twist about them. Nor can I summon the energy to unsubscribe from all my friends - I just ignore the little ticker thing. That said, this is one reason I don't just upload pictures/whatever willy nilly to the thing. No matter what you do to your privacy settings, ultimately social networking is not designed to protect your privacy. If you're concerned about something? Don't put it online.
  • Happy first day of fall! I really thought the solstices were always on the 21st, but having done a quick search, I found out that I was wrong. Wrong I tell you! Though they are always in that general area of the month, so you know, close. (Just no ceremonial cigar?) Regardless, it's a soggy, overcast day. The perfect start to fall, in my mind.
  • I started working on a crocheted cowl thingy for the winter. The kiddo saw it and was curious, so I explained what I was doing and he said, "Will you make me a scarf for the winter? One that matches blue blankie?" (Blue blankie is the blanket I made for him as a baby). How can you not melt and agree to do just that. I think I can even incorporate the pattern from blankie into the scarf. If it turns out, I'll post a picture.
  • He is much happier about the idea of a baby brother these days. So that's lovely. Now I just have to figure out how impatient to start rearranging the rooms I can get. I'm ready to do it now. Tim would probably just as soon wait until April. (Yes, April. Yes, the baby will be born in February. No, not a typo.)
  • It's turning out to be a good thing that I donated all the baby stuff...I can't seem to stop wanting to buy more. (I have, so far, only picked up 3 little sleepers - but they were $2 each! You can't pass up $2 sleepers!) I also got the kiddo a big brother shirt - he keeps wanting to wear it, but it's long sleeved. Come on cold weather! 
  • I wonder at what point the fields get so saturated from the rain today that they cancel tomorrow's soccer games.

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