Halloween Random

Because I'm too excited about opening up the various bags of candy I have waiting upstairs to put together something coherent and cohesive.

  • We carved pumpkins last night. The largest pumpkin is sporting a very lovely picture of Tinkerbell (the doodle's request), carefully art directed by Tim. The three smaller ones are more traditional goofy faces (one vampire, one just wacky) and what was supposed to be a ghost but really just kind of looks like a big hole in the front of the pumpkin. But hey, I finished all 3 of mine before Tim finished Tink, so that has to count for something.
  • I think I have finally managed to get the seat to where I like it in the new van. I'm sure someone will come along and move it any minute now, but for now, I can actually get in and not feel like something is just so slightly off.
  • Everyone in the extended (and immediate) family appears to have caught whatever creeping crud there is to catch. Thus far (touch wood) I have escaped it - hoping that continues. (Also hoping everyone else gets well soon, but really I just don't want to catch it.)
  • The doodle will be dressing up as Jake (from Jake and the Neverland Pirates) this evening. I suspect it's mostly so he can have a sword.
  • I seriously overbought on the candy this year, so kiddos who come to our house will be getting handfuls. Of course, it's never a bad thing to be the house where you get lots of candy. 
  • I did full sized candy bars a few years ago and was not as thrilled with that as I thought I would be - I like to just reach in and grab a big ol' handful and dump it in a container.
  • I had the absolute best pumpkin cheesecake for dessert at lunch today. It's good I don't live near the restaurant mom took us to after her doctor appointment cause YUM.

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