Last Night I Had a Crazy Dream*

I frequently have rather bizarre dreams, but this one stuck with me. Honestly, it was truly odd. I dreamt that we, on a whim while driving about doing various Saturday errands, decided to purchase a houseboat in Alexandria. (Are there houseboats in Alexandria? I have no idea.) This particular houseboat was unique, however, in that it was the only aquatic domicile in the otherwise normal older neighborhood like you'd find in Alexandria. Upon entering (boarding?) the home, you had a large open great room, and on the far end was a ladder that led you to the kitchen (which was a kind of a loft - open to below) and then a hall off to the 3 en suite bedrooms that composed the remainder of the home. The parking was about a half mile away down a leaf strewn dirt road that ran behind the fences of the other homes in the neighborhood. And the house's previous owner? A mix between Robbo (I know this only because his family's motivation for moving was the need for each of his girls to have their own room) and my best friend from high school who has since disappeared from contact (but as I don't think Robbo would randomly burst into scenes from Richard III and Michael most definitely would, I'm guessing it was a blend).

I was distraught at the prospect of moving, however, and spent the majority of the dream trying to figure out a way to turn the houseboat into a rental property and stay put while Tim objected that renters would surely puncture the floor and we'd end up with nothing other than a glorified swimming pool too far away to reasonably use.

Sometimes I wonder about my subconscious.

*spot the quote

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Lynellen said...

ok, this is about the anxiety you have as an OCD person on the topic of rearranging your house in preparation for the baby.

up the dosage and/or voltage, and you'll be fine.