It's Not That I Actually Have Anything to Say

I'm just feeling blog guilt. (Which, really, is awfully stupid - but whatever.)

So, some random to enlighten your day. Or night. Or whatever.

  • Tim has been working crazy hours the past two weeks. It groweth old. On the one hand, yay for stable employment that he loves and that loves him. But really. 6a-9p can only go on for so long.
  • I'm currently trying to figure out if the dates I have from our adoption attorney are an estimated due date or an actual scheduled c-section date. I'm pretty sure it's the former, based on various little tidbits of information, but that doesn't really help me help Tim explain when he needs to take vacation. Hopefully we'll get something nailed down toward the middle of January. Or sooner. Sooner is good, too.
  • What is it that makes a quesidilla so fantastic? Melty cheese inside a crispy flour tortilla...honestly, I think I could live on them. Other than the whole ballooning out to roughly the size of the Michelin man should I try.
  • I still haven't started wrapping any gifts yet. Really need to get on that. At some point.
  • Our church is actually having a Christmas day service (since Christmas falls on a Sunday this year). I'm torn. On the one hand, we usually do Christmas Eve service. On the other hand, I kind of feel like if they're going to do it, I ought to go. Realistically we'll just do the Eve, but I'll probably be conflicted while I cook all morning.
  • I'm at 130-something books for the year. I was hoping to make 150, but then my mom conned me into reading a manuscript for a friend of hers. The thing is nearly 1300 pages - so it's essentially a trilogy (or more), and I guess it kind of counts, but it's also a bit discouraging. Cause I read it and really didn't like it. I tried to make some constructive comments. But then it occurred to me, what if this is what people think when they read what I write but are too nice to tell me? 
  • On that happy note, I think I can now consider my blog guilt assuaged and return to the previously scheduled evening activities of making a duvet cover for the kiddo's new duvet (out of two sheets - $5.50 each at WalMart. Can't beat it.)


Rachel said...

I love your writing! I really enjoyed the newsletter too! :). Btw, We should try this video facebook chat one day hehe.

Lynellen said...

you know that /I/ won't be nice if I dont like what i'm reading. :) So get me your book already!