Tis the Season, and so Forth

I believe I have all of the Christmas shopping taken care of. (Well, actually I know I need to get one more gift for Tim, but I know what I want and where to get it from, so really, it's basically purchased, right?) And as I stood pushing some of the most recently delivered gifts into the gift closet I had the time to ponder...who the heck is going to wrap all this stuff?

I love getting people gifts. I love picking them out, bringing them home, and giving them to people. I despise wrapping things. (And really I'm sure most of that is due to the fact that it looks like a drunk monkey did the wrapping when all is said and done. Tim is a much better wrapper than I am.)

Most of my family doesn't wrap their gifts - the closest my mom gets is to use (and reuse) decorative boxes each year. But it just doesn't seem right to not get to rip paper off of Christmas gifts.

So the question arises...how do I con Tim into doing all the wrapping this year?

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Lynellen said...

have the little kid do the wrapping