Plan? I Laugh in the Face of Plans!

This is where someone who has never been pregnant realizes what a strange, strange thing it really is. Because to me? It's all just basic math. Conception + 9 months = baby.

But apparently there are all these other things to take into consideration, like doctor golf and vacation plans, and so what ends up happening is the due date keeps moving.

If all goes according to the plan as of now, at this time next week, I'll be a mother of two. (Which hey, awesome. And also? Gulp.)

Presumably that date won't move again. At least, I hope not, I have a lot to do now and very little time to do it.


April B said...

Wonderful news! Except maybe for the moving plans part...

Hope all goes smoothly and I will pray for all of you!

We are in a similar situation, waiting to hear if a baby coming 2 weeks from today will be joining our family...so, yeah, no plans can be figured out here either!

beth said...

Thanks, April! I'll be praying for your new bundle as well!