Were We Coming Or Going?

A scattershot of random, because that's where my brain is currently hovering.

  • They moved the due date...again. On the positive side, it bought a few more days. On the other hand, I'm ready to hold my baby already! (And really, if it was sooner then that would mean I'd be making more progress on my list, right?)
  • I took a deep breath and sent out the first of many agent queries last night. Of course, now I'm trying to decide if I want to do simultaneous submissions (all that I'm considering are fine with that) or just do one at a time. I can see the sense of both methods...and then I throw my current life into the mix (new baby, new class starting, so forth, so on) and I begin to understand why I feel a tad bit stressed.
  • The kiddo wasn't feeling well last night, so I tucked him into our bed for the first part of the night (while we were still up), intending to move him when we went to bed. Right until he threw up all over the bed and me when it was time to move. So after changing the sheets and administering medicine and so for and so on, he and I snuggled in the sick bed and Tim slept elsewhere. So far today no more vomit. But I know my boy doesn't feel well when he'll sit still for hours on end and still want to go take a nap. Poor baby.
  • I'm teaching a real programming class this coming term (vs. web programming which, while fun, is not really real programming in my mind - at least not the surface level the class I teach covers). Is it wrong to be really excited about getting back into object inheritance?
  • If you don't know what object inheritance is, that's ok. You can think I'm weird for being excited by it, too.
  • I'm re-reading Ender's Game right now. Such a fantastic book. I'm nervous that they're making a movie of it, though Harrison Ford as Col. Graff works for me, so I'm tentatively hopeful.
  • I believe that is all...as you were.

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