It Makes the World Go Round

We are happily ensconced at Tim's grandparents waiting for paperwork to be processed. This is where things with kiddo the elder got royally messed up, so we're simply hoping for a faster processing time this go-round. Though we have really low expectations on that front. It's Virginia that's the hold up, too. They just don't seem to care about getting people home. The last we heard from our attorneys, the paperwork had been sent and was in process, so we'll see what we see.

I'd really like to call the attorneys and find out the status, but, well, calling them tends to cost $200 for a 30 second conversation (that might be a slight exaggeration, but only a very slight one!)

In the mean time, everyone is being utterly spoiled. I find it delightful and charming that the elder kiddo calls his great grandparents "Aunt Grandma" and "Uncle Grandpa" - that's as good a distinction as I can think of.

For all that, I'm ready to be home. (Though I will also admit to being loathe to get back into the car.)

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