A Few Tidbits

In keeping with the fact that I'm no longer interesting enough around here to be remembered in linked reviews on other blogs, a few random tidbits:

  • I'm noticing more and more people round the Internet referring to individual posts on their blogs as blogs. As in "Come and read the blog on topic x on my blog." It really grates on my nerves. The thing, as a whole, is a blog. Therefore the individual part should have its own name, like post. Many posts make up a blog. Does it matter? No. But when has that stopped me having an opinion?
  • If we say "a pair of scissors", does that mean each individual cutting edge of said scissors is a scissor? Is a single scissor useful in any way? Also, why does scissor look so weird? Also also, it's fun to say scissor.
  • We're going to travel to see the great-grandparents tomorrow. Another very long day in the car, but it'll be nice to be in something not a hotel. Though I will also say being back at the hotel yesterday and today has been a big improvement from being at the hospital. 
  • We did not, in fact, watch the super bowl last night. This shouldn't surprise anyone.
  • We took kiddo the younger back to the hospital for his hearing screening today (they don't do them for babies born Fri - Sun because there's no coverage those days). One ear passed, the other not so much. This is, apparently, typical and we'll just retest it back home. 
  • As I was walking through the hospital halls to meet back up with Tim and the kiddo I had many people comment on how great I look for having a 3 day old. It's a tough decision on how, exactly, to take it. I just said "thank you", but really...it does kind of toughen the resolve to at least continue trying to lose weight. Not that my body seems to care what I do, but, well, I won't have an infant forever.
  • I would really love to say I've been reading some good fiction lately, but it's been all I can do right now to keep up with my Bible in 90 program. That and most of the stuff I've downloaded on my Kindle isn't really calling to me right now.
  • As you were.


Rob said...

Agreed. I call 'em "blog posts" too. I tried going with "articles," which tho it may be legit, seemed too, um, highfalutin.

Jen said...

The blog post thing bugs me, too.

So excited about your new little one.