Road Trips and So Forth

I'm pleased to report that we are happily ensconced in our hotel and eagerly awaiting the arrival of our newest bundle of joy tomorrow morning. The road trip ended up being relatively painless (as painless as 16 hours in a car can be, even if you break it out over two days). The kiddo did amazingly well - he's really quite a trooper!

Tim and I realized as we worked our way into South Carolina that our route was like a little trip back in time for us as we stayed the first night relatively near where we lived when in SC. Then, as we toodled through Georgia and spied the exit for I185 to Columbus we were, yet again, within spitting distance of another previous home. Though both have good memories, we were quite happy to no longer live in either locale.

Because the kiddo did so well, I promised him that we'd go swimming when we got to the hotel this evening. Clearly the drive induced stupidity had kicked in when I made that promise because it was roughly 60 degrees and overcast (and had been most of the day). But, a promise is a promise, so we donned our suits and braved the pool. We did manage to stay in for about 10 minutes, and I figure the shivering probably burned twice the energy that just normally swimming would have. I asked Tim (who did *not* get in the pool) how cold he thought it was, thinking to myself that the answer was likely to be 50 degrees. He said probably about 70. He's probably right...but I'm telling you, it felt colder than that.

Next up: Polar Bear Club. Kidding.

Now I'm waiting for my class to start (because of course a new term started yesterday. But hey, I teach online. I can teach anywhere. Right?) Tim and the kiddo are playing iPad for a bit before bed. And then we're all off to bed semi-early as we're to be at the hospital no later than 7am tomorrow.

We're all pretty stoked - I'm hoping we can actually sleep.

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