He's Here!

And he's adorable. Though I don't suppose I would ever say otherwise.

The elder kiddo is most ecstatic and bounces around, leaning very close to put their noses together, telling him who he is and asking about his every possible whim.

I was actually able to be in the delivery room - something I had never actually thought I'd want to do (especially with a c-section) but am now, in retrospect, quite glad that I did do. I was able to hold him when minutes old and take him to the nursery and watch as they did all the various new baby things they do (shots, weight, etc.) I even got to "teach" him to suck with my finger in a glove and he lay there for many minutes sucking on my pinky while they worked on him.

He is healthy, happy, and so amazing. I have my own room here at the hospital, so he's currently nestled on my chest snoozing. I believe I may join him in that snooze soon.


Gwynne said...

This all sounds so perfect! So glad you got to be in the delivery room. Beautiful! Sleep tight. Sweet dreams. :-)

Rachel said...

I'm so happy for you Beth! That's really awesome! The doodle will make a great big brother :).

michellewillingham said...

Such wonderful news! Congratulations! Keeping sharing stories--love to hear them. :)